It rained. 

Here I don’t really ‘see’ the weather, not like you all do, not like I did before, it determining whether I’d run, canoe or ride on a given day. 
I hope my business, in Staines, doesn’t wash away. 
The river is higher than I ever saw it, I hear. It won’t take much more and the whole shopping centre will be like Atlantis I hear. 
My brother, Stu, came tonight, along with Paul Lambert, who introduced Stu to chopsticks and posh take away sushi. 
There’s not a lot of that in Pontypool, not being much demand…
Stu pointed out that this week is the end of an era for him too, his weekly Wednesday trek to Aylesbury effectively over. 
I’m pleased for him, as it’s a shocker of a journey. 
He said his friends don’t even ask him out on Wednesdays any more, having realised that’s the night he reserves for his big brother ( now older, scrawny brother ).
Thanks Stu, for all those dedicated miles you’ve driven. We’ve never been stuck for conversation, these midweek nights, and his visits have brightened my every week. 
Paul was his usual humorous, chilled self. 
Not having known him well before, I feel I do now, and think the world of him. 
2 more days and I leave. 
No sign of my new wheelchair yet, perhaps it’s been washed away somewhere?
I’d like to have it for my 4 day trip to sunny Portugal, leaving Sunday. 
If not I’ll probably have to come back here soon to get it. 
I’d rather not. As incredible as the place is, I’ve really had enough now. 

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