My buddy, Adam T invited me to his Xmas party… the one his business has, 30 years after he started it in his bedroom, just out of school… and as it was when I met him. Now it’s big, and it’s successful – an entrepreneur in a business dominated by HUGE companies.

Wow, what a treat, on Park Lane. He had some brilliant people on stage to entertain his guests/clients/employees/Friends.  Never been to anything quite like it?!

Next time you want a mobile Phone Company with a difference, look up Adam Phones…

Thank you for an amazing day, Adam

I go from here, with Rosanna, to see Kasabian at The O2… gotta keep on keepin’ on… right?


Thanks,  Adam.

Also great to meet up with Kevla, who I had no idea was going to be there.

Me n Kevla…

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