Today I arm biked at home on a turbo trainer. I devised a method of getting in, with a girder and a TRX suspension system, and a fair bit of effort by poor Stella. As I hang in space, she directs my stiff legs to the right place- not easily done at all!

Then I met my buddy Keith P, who has had an iBot for 14 years. Keith has progressive MS, and the iBot has made a vast difference to him all this time. He taught me all sorts of stuff today, and we went off together down Chiswick High Rd, both balanced on 2 wheels. The most bizarre thing was that not a single adult person showed any visible reaction as we passed – as though it was the most normal thing in the world to see 2 self balancing futuristic wheelchairs passing by. Has the world progressed so far that this now looks mundane?

After Keith said goodbye, I went to archery practice on my Triride, about an 8 mile round trip, but pretty fast for me. London traffic often goes slower than I do in my wheelchair.

Tired, I’m in bed by 9.30, my spasms regular. A hopefully half decent sleep might help me, before I arm bike indoors again in the morning.

Training in full swing..!

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