In the week that Terry Rodham finished his Ironman Challenge in Wales, doing bloody well, in really testing conditions ( rough sea and big hills ), doing an especially fast bike section (112 miles) .. and raising lots of money.. We have just finished Day 1 of our canoe/ bike journey.

The boys have done a good 40 miles in kayaks and me, Pete, Robbie and Dan at least the same on bikes ( me lying down obv.)

They  all did a really brilliant job, all image image image imagehelping eachother, and me. When I broke my gear cable, I was taken to the nearest bike shop, the bike fixed, then conveyed 10 miles further on to join the lads, canal side.

It rained most of the day, sadly, but didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits – you get wet in a kayak anyway, and as a cyclist in Britain, it’s pretty normal.

Thanks to Sean for fixing my bike. Anyone down this way could do a lot worse than visiting his shop!

I’m assuming it won’t be an early night, and that the usual amount of alcohol will go down, enough to make tomorrow’s 50 miles a fair bit harder..

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  1. Thanks for the nod Russ and again, we’re all totally in awe of what you’re doing. Just thought I’d let you know we’re donating the cost of the repair to the charity. Good luck with the rest of the challenge.

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