Just watched Chissy Ohorugu win the 400m breaking Cathy Cook’s British record
I used to watch and follow Cathy when i was a kid, so that’s a record that’s stood for a blimmin long time!
I’ve been out in the chair today, to the river, and done some ‘sitting on the edge of the bed’ therapy.
You don’t realise  just how complicated that move is until you’ve lost half of your control AND been on your back for 2 months.
I’ve recieved so many cards and gifts that its like my birthday every day, only without the party and the champagne.
I hope that on my birthday Dani and the girls will come, and I’ll try some drink for the first time in ages. Lily (12 ) is partial to champagne already.. Yes, she’s having an upbringing like her mother. My first experience was cheap lager in the park, pretending to like it, then being sick.
Not so my girls! Like debutantes they’ll be…
They’re all in Portugal having a great time, but call me every day, at least once.

It would seem pretty much guaranteed that I’ll at some point before long be going to the spinal rehab centre in Stoke Mandeville ( try NOT to immed think of Jimmy Saville, well known fund raiser for the centre) where I should get the best treatment going.
Time wise it hinges on my still mucous producing chest, a consequence of the 6 ribs and lung trauma I suffered in the crash.
Until then I’ll be here, and I think also in the Wellington ( north London).
I’ve been there before for canoe induced injuries so not my first time.
I should write a book ‘ Hospitals I’ve been to and for what’.

When I think about it, it’s a wonder I’ve lasted this long.

Thanks for reading what comes out as I write, it’s nice to know you are.

Be good

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