Tick tock

Quite a few of my medically oriented mates have said that I should seek a second opinion, given that 66% of my 3 operations have definitely not had the desired outcome.

I therefore did, and I questioned my surgeon directly.

He agreed wholeheartedly that I was right to enquire, and then talked for a while about how they operate here.

A case like mine is discussed by an MDT – a MultiDisciplinary Team – including 3 spine surgeons, in my case, the vascular surgeon that is co-operating ( literally ) and the physiotherapists and OT’s.
So my surgeon is NOT a sole trader, let alone a maverick.

The trouble with getting a separate opinion, is the delay factor.
My plate, on my lower spine vertabrae is now in danger of ‘ springing off ‘ under any pressure from my movement.

If that were to happen, the chances of the metal slicing through a major artery are quite high.

If that happens, they won’t have time to get me into theatre to save me.

So it’s all a bit urgent.

If my blog stops, that’ll be a clue.

And if the worst happens, then thanks for reading.



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