Thursday and Kate.

Somewhat disappointingly, I have no definitive conclusion as to my chances of an imminent demise, so must carry on for now. Scans yet to be performed, and spasms continuous since the nurse changed the catheter sticking into my abdomen .

Kate Nash was truly fantastic, live. She made the very smart move of playing her most popular tracks first, rather than last, as most bands do, so the crowd went wild from the outset. Ive never seen a crowd so in tune with an artist, for the whole gig. Other than Pia and I, I don’t reckon anyone else was over 30, and most a lot younger than that. Her songs are very funny

Towards the end, Kate talked about her own struggles with depression, and the effects on her career, and she’s still only 30 now.

So it seems I’m not the only crazy person out there, after all.

On the bus on the way back, Pia was messing about an awful lot. As we got off the bus, she said to me, in a very loud voice ‘ say thank you to the driver!’

I looked up to see 2 old ladies laughing their heads off, with both looking at me and saying ‘ Yes! Say thank you to the driver! ‘ …

I said thank you to the driver…

3 thoughts on “Thursday and Kate.

  1. That really annoys me when “Old Dears” get off he us and thank the driver. He is only doing his job. It makes me cringe. Margaret x x x

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