Having woken to see just how much discharge / sédiment was in my catheter tube ( a ridiculous amount ) I made the conclusion that I’d probably been put on the wrong antibiotics – something that plagued me for almost a year ( October 15 – June 16 ) for my UTI. Turning my head quickly induced spinning, and my sheets were again soaked in sweat.

Next up was the diarrhoea… and when you’re unable to move, that’s pretty claustrophobic, and beyond a mess. The smell of that,  combined with the smell of myself,  having  spent the night sweating was enough to almost make me vomit – but that really wouldn’t have helped the situation very much….

Poor Francesca is left with the awful task of cleaning me in bed, the bed itself , everything else I come into contact with, and then the transfer of me to wheelchair, the transfer of me to  shower bench, the further diarrhoea, the further cleaning up, the getting me dry and into clothes, and the tolerance of my ( understandable ) dip in mood.

Francesca copes with this stuff as though it’s a day out at the beach, and I’m eternally grateful to her for her coolness under pressure – if she were a guy she’d be in the SAS.

My spasms continued until around 10.30 pm, persisting through my French class ( where I just couldn’t concentrate ) and beyond.

Now that I’m in bed and feeling sleepy, and not spasming, the world seems far better again, but today has been a test of my resolve for sure, the UTI definitely unhinging my positivity significantly.

I hope that this sleep will be dry and uneventful..

( also thanks to my social worker for her ongoing advice, and her own extraordinary mental help during adversity )

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