So I’ve realised that I don’t really fit into a Black Cab anymore.

Because my spine is so fixed, with no bend, and the cab ceiling isn’t high, they have to force my head through the door… and then when inside my head is at right angles to my body.

No more Black Cabs for me then. They’re exactly twice the cost of an Uber cab, and totally unsuitable for myself.

On a lighter note, my brain seems so active and keen to make up for 3 years of lost time, that I find myself almost compelled to find out about things that I don’t know ( and that seems to be most things )  Because the Web has the answer to every factual question, it seems unacceptable to me suddenly not to just find out, if I wonder about something .


As that’s a lot more healthy than thinking about ways to kill myself most of the time for years 2-3 post injury, I’d say I’ve made a lot of progress .

Thanks to Marta and Pia for their company, and Kim for her  help today.






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