As hard as I try to stay up, luck kicks me every time.
I have another UTI – surprise, surprise.

I shall nonetheless put up with the extra spasms and carry on… right?

Was good to have arranged a ‘distraction relay’ of great people today.
Thanks to Roy, Dickon, then Alison for the extra mile, plus Glenn and Nick.

Triked 7 miles today, plus another 7 or more yesterday.

Alison, who reads this diary, had some interesting observations for me.
She proposed that the reason why people ( strangers ) in say cafes, might not help me to, say, move chairs out of the way, is that I do apparently ‘ look healthy and capable ‘ despite the chair, something that my friend, Andrea alluded to a while ago.
The fact that I’m not actually either of those things now, is immaterial, once that judgement has been made.
It is of course a compliment to me ( overall ) but not ultimately helpful!

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Pleased to be called your friend in today’s blog. I’ve done zero to earn it. But I’ll accept it thanks.

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