I just want to have a day which I could now described as ‘good’, the definition being where nothing has distressed me.

Today began with legs and trunk that spasmed for 5 hours.  I did some work stuff on line through a fair bit of that, though it’s very, very hard to concentrate.

The spasms lessened for about 2 hours, which I had to spend ‘ in the bathroom ‘ – the obligatory unpleasant stuff.

The spasms then started again at about 3pm. It’s is 10,45 and they are continuing to dominate my world and break my spirit.

I thought that the antibiotics might have stopped them but really they have made no difference at all.

It’s probably been no worse than lots of other recent  ( last 7 months ) days really, but I’m worn down psychologically.

Tomorrow I go back to Stoke Mandeville for tests. I don’t have much faith that there’ll be any quick fix to this situation.

2 thoughts on “Thursday.

  1. Hi Russ thinking about you ,watching you sking,looked good Don, t know much about it you seemed to be doing great also amber to,those bloody jumping legs Russ what a bloody torment day and night for you,can,t begin to imagine that torment what it must be like ,let,s hope while in S.M. there is some treatment that wI’ll help our Russ .Thinking about you wishing you well,always I say a little pray for A Gill .U Mike.night night. Try to sleep tight xx

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