Talk about a week in the life for…

I watched that film tonight- ‘ Misery ‘ with Kathy Bates and James Caan.

He crashes his car and she rescues him. At first she is nothing but kind and good and pro him, but after a while he sees another side to her – a dark side, which turns his very existence into being all about her.

She manipulates and holds him to ransom and he has to go along with it, for fear of retribution.

Of course nothing like that could actually happen in real life, could it. Kathy’s character, Annie, was purely fictitious, but a scary and dark story it was, with a happy ending once he had escaped her clutches.

Krisztina is back as my Carer, btw, which has been an extremely welcome return. She doesn’t force ‘ meta physics ‘ or any other pseudo science down my throat, which is the way I’d certainly prefer it, in preference to anyone that might think me a willing disciple of the spurious arts.

So life goes on then, with an ever changing landscape, I must say.

I actually missed a gig last night due to the weather and not knowing if I could really count on a first time date to help me enough in the frozen weather. Tomorrow its a trip to Wembley to see a band and I do hope that travel there is ok, along with Travel Back, more importantly.

I guess we’ll just have to see!

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