Typical conversation with a Carer.

Me ‘ On the other side of the bed is a BLACK rubber ring. Could you pass it to me, please?’

Carer ‘ The yellow thing ?’

Im not really sure how i can improve my way of articulating what it is that I want?

And this goes on all day…

I don’t actually these days exhibit my frustration, but it is a little ‘ testing ‘ ….

I have the lovely Kristina Back today after my last person departed, by ‘ mutual consent ‘. I do need someone that can clean up after themselves, at the very least, never mind cleaning up after me. Someone that follows the job description and abides by it is fairly standard in an employee situation. Someone that agrees to the job description and embraces it very enthusiasticly,  but then after a few weeks just wants to sleep most of the time, or talk about sleeping, isn’t really what I want.

So onwards and upwards, as always!


4 thoughts on “Thursday.

  1. Is it the thing something you sit on to stop you getting bed sores? I had the same trouble with carers when they came in three times a day to look after my Husband. If they could get away with not shaving him they would. They were supposed to make the bed if you could call it that. They never turned up on time or one would come and I was expected to do the other ones job. Love Margaret x x

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