I’ve volunteered to be a tutor to kids, and I go for my ‘ training ‘ today. Should be good!

After that I brave the roads to Camden to see The Happy Mondays tonight  – should be brilliant/ funny/ interesting.

Then a Trike back at midnight AVOIDING ALL DUAL CARRIAGEWAYS.

I had my police interview this morning- they were very nice, but said it’s almost impossible to get any bus crime solved as Transport for London are absolutely unhelpful when it comes to supplying CCTV footage taken in their buses.

So it looks like nothing will happen to the lady that abused the paralysed guy on the bus for daring to use the wheelchair space.

Oh well….

2 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I thought London was progressive? This is discrimination and absolutely shameful. The lady on the bus is one thing, but the others on the bus? The driver?? The police???. I have an idea- have your phone on video mode and ready. From now on- just record the events you face. It doesn’t take much to record the face of those discriminating and post it on social media. I am sure London Transport would be doing a full reversal of position. Would be an amazing demo to begin a documentary. An opportunity to demonstrate the problem and show the faces of discrimination. There is no excuse. None.

  2. Fantastic to hear that you’ll be tutoring – you’ll be a very interesting and motivational person to have around youngsters, I’m sure. Enjoy the training!

    And I struggle to comprehend the behaviour of the people on that bus. Wouldn’t happen in Wales. (Though of course, there is always a high risk of singing on any Welsh bus. You pays your money and you takes your choice.)

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