After using the arm bike indoors for a few days, it’s become far easier already.  Fitness is either returning, or someone has secretly reduced the resistance of my turbo trainer. 2 hours is now quite easy for me, but it is a bit tedious so tonight i watched a film whilst doing it. It was called The Circle, and was about the future, where nobody ends up having any privacy at all. Blimey, imagine the sights you’d see if you could watch anyone else that you wanted to at the press of a button.. For sure, there might be some ever so good bits too…

My legs seem to be growing muscle – that’ll be all the spasms then… they definitely look good enough to walk with, so it’s a shame I can’t.

I’ve used the iBot a few times – today i went out for a few hours in it. Socially, it’s far better as I’m 6 feet tall in it, so can get eye contact in the old way, without people having to sit down with me. I could have used it for the school visit, but didn’t actually trust my driving of it in a crowded room. I can’t tell if it goes over someone’s foot, but they sure as hell would…

So if you’ve got your flip flops on, keep your distance…!

Thanks to Jules for your time, and to Welsh Rick. And to Stella for her ideas and dedication.

And hi to Darren and Jo. 🙂

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  1. Aahh Russ, I’m glad you mentioned the bit about Stella, as there is no doubt how much of a positive impact she has made in your life recently.

    I think it’s pretty extraordinary that she appeared in your life at the most crucial time; she started on a Wednesday (having travelled from South Africa) and on the Saturday night she was multi-tasking in the most horrendous way imaginable (applying her knee against your wound to try and stop the flow of blood, whilst checking your mouth for a suspected overdose of pills, whilst dialling 999 with the other hand). Sorry about the graphic detail, but it’s all true. She was then questioned on suspicion of assisted suicide, and was left fearing for her job and home.

    Since then, she has managed you and your slightly chaotic lifestyle?! (I mean that in the nicest possible way!), and has managed to instil routine and structure into your life, on top of encouraging, and suggesting all sorts of positive things for you to focus on in your life.

    Things have visibly improved, and I’m sure a lot can be attributed to you finally being on the right medication, but second to that is the lovely and exceptional – Stella.

    You look really well, you smile and laugh most of the time now, you analyse your thoughts and feelings rationally and positively, and consequently you have managed to establish better relationships with important people in your life.

    Stella is your nanny McPhee 🙂


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