This weekend.

My beautiful family are back tomorrow, so I can’t wait to spend ALL Saturday and Sunday just with them 🙂
If anybody out there was planning to come see me, then I wonder could you reschedule to another time?
It’s my birthday on Sunday, yep 34. I feel old too…
Today I had the world’s longest blimmin MRI scan…. About 90 minutes in a very small noisy tunnel, sweating like a sweaty thing. Was literally running off me.
Hopefully they’ll find out a fair bit about the state of my spine, well that was the idea anyway.
Watched Mo win the 5,000   Wow, what a run. He spent his childhood in Feltham, where we have a practice. We’ve just spent about 40k doing the place up. He costs 2k to come and officially ‘re-open’ the place. Worth it, or not?

Lets vote on it.


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