This one made me well up. Thank you Kath. Dani is VERY fond of you too.

Hi Russ

Danielle has been my lovely boss for nearly 14 years  and you and I met at Piers’ house many years ago.  I feel I have got to know you without ever seeing you from chatting with Danielle every day about your sporting antics and now through reading your blog.

I have been reading your blog right from the start and hoping and praying you would pull through.  In fact,  I was telling Danielle that I developed a rather annoying tapping wood ritual that I had to carry out every time I thought of you or Danielle (don’t worry, I am not really a nutter)!  This ritual saw me having to cross the room to find something wooden to tap on at the most inconvenient times – half asleep and drunk, talking to the headmaster of my son’s school …….  I wonder what other prayers or promises were offered up by other people on your behalf!

I have sometimes felt intrusive reading your blog when I don’t really know you but I have felt compelled to see how you are and have been 100 per cent rooting for you.  It’s been brilliant to see your incredible improvement over the last six months.  I don’t know why anyone would think you come across as arrogant.  Your determination and bravery are incredible and sharing your thoughts with people on the blog is courageous and trusting.  The lady who wrote those stupid comments should be ashamed.  

Andy, who worked in our office, died at the beginning of the year.  He would share his thoughts through emails to his friends and I always read them through tears, getting an insight into what he was dealing with and his courage.  I often do that with your blogs too.  As Andy became became increasingly frail, he became a giant of a man in my eyes.  His qualities as a man made him bigger than those around him. I have thought of this when you have written about feeling physically smaller.  You are bigger in my eyes for your strength of character and determination.  I am quite sure your lovely family and friends see you the same way.  You and Danielle are a formidable force!

I hope you have a brilliant holiday with your girls and enjoy the skiing.  I am sure I will be hearing all about your sporting antics again from Danielle because anyone who has come as far as you have is destined to carry on setting the world on fire.

With love

Kath x

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