This is why.

People sometimes ask why I often ask females to help me with stuff.

Read on, and it may become apparent ..

Arrive in french town after biking with my arms for 11 hours, and covering 95 miles of varied terrain and stormy weather.

I’m in the ‘adapted’ bathroom, with my mate Dan in the bedroom outside, about 7 feet away.

We have about 20 minutes before we are supposed to get a taxi.

Me : Dan, can you help me with something?

5 seconds later

Dan: What?

Me: can you help me with something?

Dan : what?

Me : I can’t reach the shower head.

5 seconds

Dan: what?

Me: the shower head .. I can’t reach it.

Dan : Fuck!

Me : what’s happened?

Dan: fucking Chelsea.

Me : what about them?

Dan: they’ve lost again.

Me: right .. Can you help me?

Dan : what?

Me : I need some help.

Dan : to fucking Everton.

Dan: what do you want anyway?

Me : some help. I can’t reach the shower.

Dan: there in a minute… Just finishing watching this goal. ..

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