They won’t thank me for this..

Which country is Kathmandu the capital city of?
Amber: Wales ?

Who was imprisoned on Robben island? Amber: Robin Hood?

Where’s Mount Everest ?
Amber: France? No, Italy !

Which country was Nelson Mandela the leader of?
Lily: America?
Amber: India?

Which bird has the largest Wingspan?
Lily: The eagle?
Me: no.
Lily: The Vulcan?
Amber: A dragonfly?
Me: no, the albatross.
Lily: Never heard of it.

Which bird is the Fastest runner?
Amber: Flamingo?

Who came to visit Jesus in the manger? Amber: I know this! Mary?
Amber: God?

Amber: The Messiah ?

Why did Moses end up floating down the river?
Dani: Because of King Harold!
Me: no, King Herod darling..

Dani: no, it was definitely Harold..

( and I’ve been told to admit to saying that Copenhagen was in Holland .. )

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