There’s no place like home…

I can’t tell you how lovely it was to be home. 

Even tho I only visited our kitchen and garden, I appreciated them like never before. 
I also went to see Lily in hockey practice, for the first time in 4 months. She was so chuffed I was there, I could tell. 
Amber gave me fantastic cuddles as Iay in bed, and I must have spent 15 minutes tickling my daughters in our made up ‘ where’s that earwig?’ game…:)
It makes coming back bearable knowing I’ll be home again next Friday afternoon!
Thanks to all those that came to see me, and those that stopped to talk to me, everyone concerned for my Wellbeing. 
I want to say good luck to my friend, Dr Monique Dube, who’s about to commence the G2G – running the whole length of the Grand Canyon!
Check out her progress on the web 
Oh, and thanks to my neighbours, Jonny and Farina who, mindful of my excess of reading material, bought me an extremely classy book of famous, but largely kinky, pics. 
Now that’s more like it…
I’m now back in SM counting down the days til Friday. 

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