The year.

It’s been a year filled with drama, let’s face it. This year I got divorced, lost my children, lost my business, committed suicide, felt real love, felt real joy again, felt total and complete hopelessness, woke up from being dead, became tee total, became reliant on antidepressants, saw so many great bands, laughed properly, mended the odd rift, have felt true betrayal, have known true friendships and absolute loyalty, given true friendship and absolute loyalty back, seen the light, seen the darkness, resumed drinking and known the pleasure therein, still never experimented with drugs, stuck up for myself, been the bigger person, refused to back down a couple of times, and given in also.

2017 has a few events yet to come before it’s over – Matt Goss at Xmas (!)  and The Prodigy one more time. I’ll see a few lovely friends before it’s over, too.

So overall a good year, compared to some in recent history!



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