The week that was.

I’ve had a full on week, and sort of accepted that my compromised body can’t really take it, at least not currently.

Ive seen various long term lovely mates, such as Kev, Pia and Mike S, a lovely ex Colleague in Catherine, and met some newer friends in Cecilie and Jolante. I seem to end up in conversation that’s a lot more meaningful than the superficial stuff I engaged in pre injury, when life was so simple. That doesn’t mean it’s deep and dull, as it’s not – I still  mess about and take the p***, though much more about myself, and my frontal lobe concussion makes me even less inhibited than pre injury ( and that’s saying something ) Also, I definitely decline to  meet up with anyone that isn’t open minded about discussing things like a grown up , or is liable to take offence over trivial things, as I definitely only want positivity and not controversy or hostility  in my life.

I find that I tend to say it as it is more now than before, I think on the basis that I have it so bad and have done for so long, that other people’s problems can seem so trifling by comparison, and that I can politely point that out. I think most people definitely understand that, when they look me in the eye and talk to me in person, though the media of texting and emailing is liable to misinterpretation from any side, one’s level of sensitivity/misinterpretation depending on one’s OWN state of mind when one opens the email or text.

I went to the cinema with Pia, but promptly fell asleep and missed most of it. I think it’s just fatigue from irregular sleep with lots of interruption from spasms that reduces the quality of slumber drastically, but sometimes I feel such an overwhelming desire to fall asleep that I wonder if I have narcolepsy ( as has a friend of mine, as of late, and as did an uncle of mine )

I am on so many bloody tablets that I guess anything is possible though, in terms of my level of alertness. At the last 2 RGS lectures, where the lights are low and it’s quite warm, I’ve had to resort to poking myself in the ear to keep myself awake, that being quite a painful area and a lot more worthwhile than poking myself in my leg, or even my balls.

This week I taught someone to put in her contact lenses, this lady having tried and failed to do it for a year or two, and wearing lenses can be quite life changing, or at the very least make you look a lot better in a posh dress.  She wrote …

Good evening Mr D,

I can’t tell you how happy and grateful I am that you showed me the lens thing yesterday. I tried again today. It didn’t happen until 2pm as I kept postponing  it. And it took 30 min but I feel I am sort of getting the hang of it now.  At the moment I just love not having to deal with those annoying glasses. So Thank you so much again!!! you are a star and very patient too!!!!

I’ve never failed to teach anyone how to do it, in fact, so if you want me to teach you, just ask me.  I don’t do home visits, so you’d have to come to me.

Actually that’s not true completely – I did fail with my mate, Larry, who started trembling before he even got the lens out of the packet. I was on a skiing holiday at the time, and the alternative to persisting was a cold beer in the bar, so no competition really. I did manage to get Larry in a headlock and force it into his eye at some later point ( probably after the beers on another night )

Another close friend has adopted my diet and exercise advice, to the letter, and lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks, so she’s also quite chuffed. Again I’m very happy to impart a bit of wisdom there, but only if you actually stick to the plan I give you, as that’s always the sticking point – people want to lose weight but don’t want to give up their bad eating addictions, and ‘no exercise’ regimens. I can tell straight away if someone is a lost cause, as they immediately dispute dietary advice, proclaiming themselves experts ( despite being very overweight ).

I’ve been very proactive in contacting various venues to find out about wheelchair spaces to see bands, as no ticket sites seem to offer accessible tickets. You have to contact the venue and do it through them.  The good news is that your carer ( mate ) gets in for free…. and it’s free drinks all night, too.

I’ve got  several dates almost fixed for the next 6 months, feeling the need to catch up on lost time.

Okay so I lied about the free drinks, but I have noticed that security NEVER ask to search a bag attached to my chair….. not that I’d ever take advantage of that situation, being as pure as the driven snow, me.



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  1. Hahahaha – after learning from an earlier post about how you used an empty wine bottle to ferry the contents of your urine bag to the loo, who on earth would be brave enough to accept a drink from a bottle you produced? LOL!!!

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