The week that was.

People keep telling me how well I look – as in how much better I look than say a year ago. That’s obviously a good thing, tho I’d say that appearances may be deceptive ?! Maybe it’s all the gym stuff I do.

After a week where I met with Charlie P, my daughter Lily, Marky P ( happy birthday ),  Frank C, saw Cherie,  saw Lily receiving her Biology prize in the school prizegiving, saw the Lions make history ( well almost )   went to an event in the Science Museum all about robots ( fascinating – tho I hear the next big advance is a female looking robot that can deliver the best ‘ head’ ever …. ) and drove to Jo Wright’s pad for a party with Vicky, I feel nonetheless very flat indeed.

I’ve certainly had less eventful weeks and felt much better than I do…

I think I need more sleep ?


Thanks to Eve for the suggestions she proposed.


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