The truth.

It’s odd I think. What is it about the world that facts are underplayed, particularly when it comes to disabilities? I’d googled Edwyn Collins and found out about his 2 strokes and his speech problems. The information is written in a way that underplays completely how much he was affected, and how he always will be. You read the stuff and think ‘ oh ok, but he obviously made a full recovery then…’ I’ve seen this regularly, and experienced it first hand when people have said ( by text ) ‘ how is your recovery going? I’ve heard it’s miraculous and you are pretty much back to normal?’ This rose tinted view makes it easier to talk about I suppose, but it doesn’t do me any favours.

Edwyn Collins the singer cant walk very well, has completely lost the use of his right arm, and speaks very little, in short bursts of a few words. His band look after him and the audience loves him very much. It of doesn’t make a lot of sense, but when he sings he sounds perfectly normal! His singing voice is the same as before!

Top man, top night.

Here he is.

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