The Spine a thon party.

My God, 65 of you have already signed up to attend the evening of the 18th of October. 

And that’s in only 2 days. 
Thank you all for for committing your time, and your post party neurofen supply.  

It should be a great laugh. The Combi of a bit of spinning followed by copious drinking is obviously appealing…the Hogarth Cliub bar is a great venue. Believe me, I’ve spent many, er, valuable hours there myself!

So, a reminder, if you’re not on the list of attendees yet ( and you don’t HAVE to spin), then  please email Dan on
However it pans out it’ll be good fun. 
I shan’t be making any speeches as my voice makes that of Stephen Hawking sound macho, but I believe Dan might. 
If anyone wants to sing/ tap dance/ get themselves noticed then I’m sure the microphone would be available. 
(We may all regret that I’ve just posted that..)
Jesus, they gave me a ‘bed shower’ this morning. A lovely lady called Lisa had the dubious pleasure of washing everything that I couldn’t reach (or just didn’t fancy touching myself) 
.. What a lucky girl. 

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