The sort of message that is posted on the group forum I’m in.

Obviously I’ve left the identity of the person out.

It’s always very brave, but bloody heartbreaking stuff.

Hi I’m after some advice please folks. I’m a T10 paraplegic and bilateral amputee about 8 months ago I fell out of my chair and managed to snap my sternum in half at the time they decided it was too risky to operate to fix it and that it would probably slowly repair itself. Fast forward 8 months and I had another scan this week which shows the bone hasn’t healed at all. It’s really painful and everything I put weight through my arms eg. Transferring I can feel the 2 pieces of bone move even pushing my chair hurts. They say it needs total rest to give it a chance to heal . I could probably reduce the amount of damage transferring by using a slide board etc but I can’t not push my chair around. Do you think it would be worth asking wheelchair services if I could have an electric chair even if it was for the 4-6 months they predict I shouldn’t be pushing for? Or is it possible to hire one longterm and if so how much and where from. Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions ?

2 thoughts on “The sort of message that is posted on the group forum I’m in.

  1. Simple from an able-bodied-not-my-dilemma-perspective, he has a clear and urgent medical need for a powered wheelchair….but I guess that isn’t how the NHS works and there’s probably a lot of pride involved too? Mxx

    1. This is a lady.. She’s paralysed and has had both legs cut off. Her needs are obvious, yet she’s having to fight for help that does not come unless she pushes hard.
      The physical suffering aspect is obvious, but the mental torment that’s being further forced upon her is unnecessary, isn’t it?

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