The sort of comments that are spot on.

This is bloody marvellous news. How exciting & surprising & motivating for you. And how clever of him to come to see you unburdened of other’s opinions, free to simply meet you & assess you in real time.
I’m so pleased to hear you’ll have a truly managed rehab, rather than being sent home if you can just about manage on your own. This may be one of the luckiest meetings of your life, & I’m so happy for you (& your family).
See you soon, can’t wait to hear the details ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Great to see you today buddy. Glad to see you in the best form I can recall over 3+ years. Amazing what you have come through since we used to visit in London Bridge Hospital in August 2013. I know staying positive isn’t guaranteed, but give it your best shot as it suits you much better! You are an inspiration to many. Jx

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