The small world of Spinal Injury.

So we’re in the departure lounge in Gatwick and Dani says ‘that’s the guy who broke his back,learnt to walk again, and went back to the mountain where the avalanche paralysed him ‘.
Paul Stewart did just that, in 2013. Google the Ironspine Challenge.
He came and chatted to us – lovely guy. He walks with sticks, but that’s a lot better than a chair…

Then on the flight, we see and chat to Lucy, the female presenter of Homes under the Hammer.
I met her whilst in Stoke Mandeville, a few times. Lovely lady. Incredibly, her best mate is my brothers ex fiancee’s sister, from our little home town in Wales, now living in the south of England ( work that one out…)

One flight, 2 spinal connections.. Bit spooky.

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