The Second Coming.

Just spent a few hours with Chris Cats down by the river. It’s a hot and sunny day, and lots of people are out. Pubs are serving drinks for take away, or people are bringing a bottle.
What’s very evident is that there is a behavioural line separating the youth from say their parents. The 18/22 year olds are behaving almost exactly as they did Pre Corona, grouping close together and sharing physically and spatially.
When this virus has the next spike, which I believe it certainly will, it’ll have been THAT age group which caused it. They themselves won’t be ill, but they’ll be responsible for much suffering.

It IS all very predictable.

Going forward though I don’t think there’ll be another lockdown. It’ll be for the vulnerable to avoid contact with carriers. For some that’ll be impossible, as they are dependent on the aid of the youth, so they’ll perish, but for those that have the capacity and ability to reduce to a minimum their chances of catching it, then it’s going to be up to them to do just that. To expect ‘ everyone not at risk ‘ to stymie their lifestyles indefinitely in order to save the vulnerable, isn’t a realistic proposition. Humans are way too selfish to stop doing what they WANT to do, for the sake of others’ health.

A vaccine is the only hope for many, many people, that and making yourself less vulnerable by making yourself more resistant through diet and exercise.

Interesting times ahead.

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