The real me?

A lot of my regular blog readers have expressed surprise at what they say is a ‘different side to me’, even accusing me of being such things as eloquent and poignant with the written word!
So I’d better address that I suppose, and what better a place than the blog itself. 
I probably should say, as a precursor, that in Toulon they prepared Dani for the ‘likely eventuality’ of me being brain damaged. Perhaps then, all that’s happened is that you’re seeing my alter ego, and he’s a lot nicer than his predecessor, the rough and ready, insensitive, piss taking Welsh bloke?
Who knows the truth??
Anyway, read what I replied this morning, to my lovely friend, Caroline Merrit:
As for eloquence and poignancy, well I’ve obviously kept that emotionally intelligent side of me quiet over the years, so quiet that it would seem to have been invisible! It’s a Welsh upbringing thing I think. When I first met Dani, I wouldn’t even hold her hand in public for fear of being labelled a softie…. Over the last 28 years I’ve gotten better, a lot better, at  visible shows of emotion, but the old me is still there in the background telling me to shape up!

I was a good writer at school though, and once started a book ( about 12 years ago ) but got bored and stopped. Maybe I’ll start again.. 
Time is the limiting factor tho; even here there isn’t enough of it. 
Given the choice between cerebral and physical exercise, I’ve almost always, for the last 30 years anyway,  opted for the latter. Perhaps this is the time to redress the balance ( he says, reaching for the ‘Iron Arms’ home exerciser!)

My family have been truly incredible. 
Dani is as solid as a rock and the girls are true survivors. THEY, not me, are the strong ones. 
My brothers are tear jerkingly loving to me, my parents really there for me, and my Welsh relatives and English  in- laws have all been in regular touch. My mother’s sister, Wendy, has been very devoted to me. And my friends have just astounded me with their loyalty to a fallen mate. 

Believe me when I reiterate that it’s love not cash that makes the world go round. 


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