The psychology bit.

It’s a very interesting thing, this, to me – how readers of this diary interpret and read the meaning into my posts.

Those that know me see and know that everything I write these days is with a wink and a smile, but with a point. I do want to highlight the lives of those that are paralysed, as of course thats what I have no choice but to lead…

But… and it’s a big but ( sometimes a big butt ) other people may well read solemnity and ‘ ranting ‘ into my posts.

Having never ‘ ranted ‘ once, via blog or in person, it’s been a realisation that it’s the mood/ personality/ predisposition/ mental state of the reader that actually determines the interpretation, rather or irrespective of how I write it. People with ‘hang up’s ‘or self pity will feel that in my posts, whereas people who actually know me will see me smiling as I write, with the ingrained determination to make the best of a situation that is in me.

Those ‘ lucky few’ that have paired with me in kayak and endurance events will know my ‘ spirit’ more than anyone.

‘ Rant’ over ( he wrote with a smile, for the sake of the less happy )

3 thoughts on “The psychology bit.

  1. I do hope that although I haven’t seen you for years .. and live too far away to see you 10,000 Kms to be exact …..that I don’t misinterpret and get the wrong end of stock .. I comment because I don’t line to rubber neck in life .. I would never want to be patronizing or a pain in de arse… your blog is one of the few things I always check .. firstly to see how you are doing secondly to hear about your latest outings coz I don’t go out 3 young kids at home and not enough cash ha ha c) to be amused by your wit ( you were always quite quick and clever but now you are genuinely amusing before I wanted to thump u ha ha as I was sometimes offended ( everyone saw aaaah over sensitive bird) d) I truly am in awe of the way you can stand back and be objective and understanding of people and life …. and keep on going out and facing life in such incredible unfair and difficult circumstances … so big bad Russ.. hope to make it to London again some day and shake your hand .. might even give you a hug … ps I still have nightmare over the Dome Xmas card . Signed an old can’t get the catholic upbringing out of her . Holy Mary mother of god .. 😂

    1. Ahh Caroline, you know how naughty I am so you see my cheeky face in my words.
      Yes, I’m sure you used to want to thump me, and I don’t blame you at all. Thanks though for not hitting me, and yes, a hug would be lovely xx

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