The plan.

Drugs have worked, so that’s good – the infection cleared again, along with restoration of okay’ness.

My ops are confirmed as being Aug 23rd and sept 2nd.
Gulp – I thought there’d be a long delay, as I hadn’t had word from the hospital – but now, all of a sudden, they’re on.

The first one will involve being sliced open the whole length of my back, and my bent spine being realigned, and the second one an entry from my side, to install a ‘ cage’ around two disintegrating vertebrae. Both operations are in LONDON BRIDGE HOSPITAL, 27 TOOLEY ST where I was 3 years ago, after a flight back from Toulon – my one and only flight in a small private-type jet, though in a bed and full of needles, wires and tubes.

I don’t think I’ll leave hospital until October, so it’ll be a long, long internment.

Hopefully it will prove worthwhile.

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