The Perils of ITU


Slight panic when we arrived at the hospital and were told we couldn’t see Russ for an hour (without any explanation) especially as when we were allowed entry to his room, he was zonko with a rather alarming number of new medicine lines going into him.

Finally tracked a nurse down who explained that they’d done a routine treatment on him that morning to clear his lungs and were going to keep him sedated for the remainder of the day. As well as mucus build up, lab reports showed that he has another lung infection so he is also back on the antibiotics
(lung infections are part and parcel of being in Intensive Care).

Mum went home today which was a sad moment. She’s been here for the long 5-week journey we’ve had so far and has provided untold love and support throughout. Thank you, Ma. We miss you already!

We also said good bye to James, Bev and Croyde. And said hello to Lisa, Andrew, Dad and Wendy who all arrived this afternoon. Also, to Nick and Roohi who popped over for a flying visit but couldn’t see Russ cos of him being sedated so had to make do with me instead :-s

Russ should be awake tomorrow so looking forward to having livelier times to report….

Lorra love xxxx


Oh Russ, I have just remembered…I meant to keep you up to date with current affairs….sorry, failed miserably! Not much has happened….Kate hasn’t had her baby yet…that’s about it ;s


1 thought on “The Perils of ITU

  1. Current affairs…

    Shame the Sunday Sport doesn’t exist any more – always enjoyed the Elvis sightings and the B52 bomber found on the moon and the heatwave in the UK… Lisa maybe you could use your contacts to restart…

    Glad to see from the photos you’ve escaped the ‘cuffs Russ!

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