The ongoing usual.

Despite my best efforts to ignore them ( impossible ) my spasms continue unabated. Last night they were non stop through the night too, obviously limiting my sleep.

I try to tire myself out each day to increase my likelihood of sleep. Every day, but one. for the last 2 weeks , I’ve done up to 2 hours arm biking on a stationary trainer, which does exhaust me. My legs jerk throughout my time on the bike, despite being strapped down tightly to metal parts of the trainer. I have to try very, very hard to arm pedal through the mental distress, normally trying to take my mind elsewhere and having the radio on very loudly.

The result is that I’m definitely fitter, a bit tanned from being outside too, but overall possibly spasming more of the time than before.

I can’t really win, can I ?


Changing the subject, I’m very glad that the families of the Hillsborough football disaster have finally recieved some justice. I was 22 when it happened , and at the time probably most of the dead were older than me. Today I looked at the pictures of those same dead and they were definitely all younger than the age I am now, some far younger. Their youth makes the disaster seem even more awful than it was already.

Again I find myself in tears.

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