The L word.

As my own journey through this life continues, the differences between my old life and my new one continue to occur to me.

The old one was based around extreme physical activity, social interaction with alcohol, work, having laughs with my children, more exercise,  and not sleeping very much. That life probably wouldn’t have changed. It had been that way for as long as I can remember ( with the exception of the addition of children ), it was a life that seemed full and one that didn’t need altering.

When i look back now, armed with new realisations based on new experiences, what I now realise was missing was what I now consider to be the most important thing of all. What was missing was one ingredient that I I myself hadn’t given true importance to. Without this sounding too much like a sermon in church, what I now realise was missing was love. I wasn’t aware particularly of being on the receiving end of it, nor had realised the incredible satisfaction in giving it. Without naming anyone, I now have people in my life who are so selfless, so true, that have such pure devotion, without the need for recompense, that it makes me reassess all that has gone before, and makes me wish that I’d had a different life to the one that I had, that I’d devoted some of myself to a  deeper existence.

I see people very differently now, compared to before. The Good People stand out very clearly, the people who make  the time to devote themselves to selfless acts, though in doing so realise that that is where true satisfaction lies.

The thing is, this thing called love is available to everyone. It’s free, and it’s everywhere. You just have to open your mind.

This post is dedicated to the people in my life who are deserving of it.

8 thoughts on “The L word.

  1. You may not know it, (or even believe it), but having read all the responses to your blogs over the years – I can confidently say that many people you know see you as one of The Good People. You inspire so many the best versions of themselves possible. You have made many of us kinder, more thoughtful & geneelly more aware. You try & succeed at helping others. And don’t tell my other friends, (since I’d hate to hurt their feelings) but because of all you do for other’s you’re one of my favourite people to spend time with.

  2. That is the most beautiful post russ!! You do seem a different person to the one i used to meet !!! Always a laugh but dont think i would have ever believed you would be this ooen …raw and realll .. And true…i love reading your honest real posts in this life of trivial social media .,sending you a big squishy hug c x

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