The Jenks, and El Johnny

So… still waiting for definite confirmation of what’s happening next to me, surgically, but hanging in there ok, and trying to really limit moving too much tbh!

To move even less than I normally do isn’t too great but hey.

Brilliant to see my oldest friend ( not age wise! ) Mikey Jenks  today, and Aly too. Always a laugh to see them and also hear about their kids’ progress too.

Dont kids grow up fast and suddenly do all kinds of cool stuff. Their son is in a band – and very funny things happen to bands in Wales. It’s a lot less ‘ vanilla ‘ in South Wales than it is in the south of England, for sure.

Plus i saw my buddy, Johnny B for a few glasses of wine the previous night. He and Mrs B own their own lil vineyard now ion a hillside in Spain. It took him 5 days by donkey to get to me from Gatwick airport, and the gesture was very much appreciated. He did forget to bring me his wine ( doh! ) but we made do with Sainsbury’s stuff. The supermarkets really stiff the winemakers , taking all the profit almost, so really he should have not drunk any on moral grounds, and been a conscientious objector, but I think he was a bit pissed and forgot?

I obviously won’t tell anyone.

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