The Great Escape!

Good morning!  It’s another stunning day here in the UK and we are all getting prepared for the Wimbledon final. Today Dani will be returning to France with Lily and Amber in tow.  It will be a very special reunion today as Lilstar hasn’t seen Russ since his accident.  Now Russ will have all his girls with him to smooth out his brow.

Very important message Russ for you from Jayne Creamer:

Hi Russ, just making sure you know that Chris Froome won Stage 8 – from Castres to Aix trois Domaines – an amazing stage in the Tour de France yesterday (or overnight for those of us viewing from Australia!) – that means of course another Brit in yellow 🙂 with every chance of holding on to it for some time if not all the way. I can’t believe it was almost  year ago that I was sending you texts about the cycling at the Olympics – when it was going through Richmond Park 🙂
I also can’t believe we are getting regular updates on the news about Will & Kate’s baby! What odds are you giving that the child will be a ginger?
It is terrific to read this blog about you and to hear of your continuing improvements – and of your persistent cheekiness – it must be really frustrating not being able to talk and to be taking the mickey about of others without words – still, you’ll be giving it your best we know. It sounds like you’re doing a really good job pulling through, so just keep on keeping on.

We think about you all the time big fella, lots of love, Ads & Jayne xxxx (those kisses are from Ad I’m sending a big hug)

…and now for the news from France:

Dear All
Just a line or two to say that Russ remained very alert all day. He waited until his Mum left the room and confided in Stuart that he wanted to get out of the hospital. Stuart said he is definitely planning an escape. Stuart had to explain that it wasn't a good idea and that he had to concentrate on getting better first!! He had another go at writing and this time was making bigger letters but because he couldn't properly see the paper he was writing on, it was difficult. He was very, very pleased to see Pia and Cliff. He really made great strides yesterday.
He may be tired this morning or he may surprise us. I'll let you all know later today.
With love
Jenni x

…and a little bit more later today:

Hello everyone
Russ has had a good morning. He is more tired than yesterday but very calm and peaceful and interested in any news we have for him. At 6.00 this evening he is having a component, like a balloon, deflated from the tracheotomy which will allow Russ to talk. We have been told his voice will sound different but so good for Russ to be able to communicate. He seems very happy with this news.
We are really looking forward to seeing Dani and the girls tonight and Russ just beamed when I told him they would be coming to see him in the morning.
So things are progressing!
Dear love to you all

…and a tiny weeny bit more:

Dear all
Just back from the hospital. Russ is very tired today and having a restful early evening. The nurse deflated the balloon as mentioned earlier today and then after half an hour they
re- inflated it. I understand they will continue to do this.
Dani and the girls returns very soon which will be great.
Russ gave us a few smiles when we talked to him which was heartwarming.
Love to you all
Jenni x

3 thoughts on “The Great Escape!

  1. Russ, great to hear you’ve lost none of your sharp sense of humour. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Got you a copy of todays Daily Telegraph, so you can read in full colour all about an amazing sporting weekend..Lions, Murray, Froome..

  2. Charlie P here

    Really glad you’re on the mend matey.

    Just had Friccy out here – you won’t get a message from him on this blog – he’s a total luddite! Would send you a picture of us both in our Lions gear but there seems to be a bit of a reflective issue off the top of our heads – clearly a camera defect…

    Keep up the good work Russ. It’s great reading about you getting better and being a pain in the ar5e to the nurses!!!

    X (to Dani of course!)

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