The final leg..

What a difference a day makes. 

To be honest, when I awoke this morning I felt probably more depressed than I ever have. 
Then they moved me to a different ( quieter) room, but in the process told me that a bed was free at Stoke. As my mood was still pretty bleak I received the news very guardedly, feeling more trepidation than optimism. 
Since then I’ve had 3 lovely visitors in the beautiful Irum and Farah ( both used to work for me ) and the handsome Kevin…
Dani, Sarah and Larry then arrived, we drank a bottle of red ( which tasted good- think I’ve conquered that one!) then went out to dinner. 
Just back and in bed for my last night here. 
Tomorrow heralds the start of the rehab home straight. 3 months in Stoke Mandeville and hopefully I’ll be set free.. not quite the man I was but an altered version glad to be alive. 
SM is set in the country with I think far better and more spacious facilities. It’s NHS and I’ll probably  be sharing a room with a few other guys like me? The focus will be on getting me better to get rid of me ASAP, and fair enough too. 
There’ll be much more of a set regime that I’ll need to slot into. Writing this blog at midnight will probably have to go, but obviously I’ll keep it up and report my improvements back to you. 
I seem to have plateau’ed at a skinny 74kg ( at the crash site I was 91kg ) , but as of tomorrow the objective is to gain weight and muscle fast. 
I feel I’m well enough and ready for the tasks ahead, and optimistic about the near future. 
As I’ve always been competitive ( with myself ) I’m sure i’ll push hard to improve in every way I can. 
I’d like to thank the staff here at the Wellington ( some of whom read this ) for their dedication to me. As pretty much the only non Arabic patient here they all seem to know me and be behind me. 
It’s a bit out in the sticks geographically at SM but it would seem so far that I’ve got a few visitors lined up to come and cheer me on. Believe me, it does really help me. 
Keep sending pics of yourselves in your swimwear/ underwear, it’s an odd tangent that this diary’s spun off to, but it makes at least a few of us laugh…
Love you all, 

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