The crash.

The details of the crash will forever be known only by the motorcyclists…
What I can tell you is that I was going does hill fast- about 40mpj- and they were probabably coming up at the same sleep so a whack at 80mph (fast when just wearing Lycra)
My bike stayed on the bend and so did I, so it was as though I just shot straight UP and came down again, landing on on COMPLETELY obliterated helmet
That must have ‘folded’ me and broke me ?
I hear trat first on the scene were Dickon and Q who had resist my pleading for an hour to be turned from face  down.
They tried to distract me with anecdotes, no doubt Dickon nice clean music industry Catherine Jenkins type stuff and Q talk of beer and strippers   Life in a wheelchair was never mentioned, the I was saying I couldn’t feel my legs.
A van came with a strtcher, followed soon by tha ambulance heli which whisked me away to Toulon Military Hospital.
I think Roy spent mont it that ‘early’ time with me, as a bloody good mate and French speaker.  

It would seem I have surrounded myself with men and women of rich and varied talent.

Frankly, looking at them , you’d never know 🙂

5 thoughts on “The crash.

    1. …I thought the Martha’s and Margo’s were to be kept top secret for the sole purpose of sponsoring yourself through just-giving?! Having said that – it was always bloody obvious as they donated very little but always harped on about how amazing you are!
      ps I am suddenly loving the blogging thing.

  1. Hi Russ,
    It’s great to hear how well you’re doing.
    I’m beginning to feel like your stalker!! I’ve become quite addicted to your blog, reading it a few times a day and feeding back to all the family, especially now you’re updating it yourself 🙂
    As soon as we’re back from our hols Del and I will be up to see you.
    Loads of love from here in Wales,
    Jo xx

  2. I have just come back from seeing Russ and he has asked me to test the ‘add a comment’ bit of the blog (what he really means is that if I can manage it, anyone can). Russ is very keen to receive comments however short they are. (Really quickly – all you have to do is create a googlemail account by accessing googlemail, set up a google account, takes 5 mins, and you’re done).
    I was on my way to see Russ last night but did a u turn as he was exhausted, he then texted me with – could I pop over and see him at 8.30am today! Obviously I went not knowing if he taking the piss, turns out he wasn’t and wakes up around 7am – so early visitors are good (having said that it does stipulate 10am when you get there!).
    Russ was looking bloody amazing and it was beyond f**king brilliant to see the progress he’s made since we saw him last in Toulon (something he omitted from his blog when going through the people who had visited him!)- on this occasion I am willing to forgive him as the obvious excuse of not remembering due to being in a coma, is I suppose acceptable!.
    Lots of love Russ-Boy and see you tomorrow (during visiting hours this time)
    Pia xxx

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