The closest I’ll get to heaven…

Tonight we go to see KT Tunstall in north London. Bus, Tube, bus probably to get there, then bus, bus all the way back. Buses in London go far faster at night – less traffic, see – so you gotta weigh it up and see what’s quicker/ easier.

Tomorrow it’s a gig at Heaven, which is a ‘ gay’ nightclub in Charing Cross. If we went there tonight, rather than tomorrow, we could see a band called Amyl and the Sniffers. Ha! You have to laugh… and that does appeal to my sense of humour. If you don’t know, you sniff amyl nitrite for a euphoric ‘ high’, but a side effect is that it reduces tightness in your anus, thereby making that kind of sex less painful…. not that I know from experience, I might add. Amyl nitrite is the constituent drug in a Popper, very widely used I hear. Having never used drugs, I have no idea as to the euphoria you get, but I can see the attraction. It’s been almost 6 years since my life changed so much, that euphoria is an extremely unlikely feeling for me. If chemicals are the only way for me to ‘ get there’ then you could forgive me for doing that, couldn’t you? I wouldn’t however, I’m just too dyed in the wool anti drugs ( for myself ) to ever go there, but cannabis is pretty common in the world of paralysis, and im sure far more. An ‘ escape ‘ from that world once in a while is very understandable I think.

Still not tempted however.

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