The challenge – sometimes.

I’m with a friend. There were Carol singers collecting for charity. I looked through all the wheelchair bags and pouches I could reach, and after several minutes found only 2 coins totalling 15 pence.

I said ‘ I miss being able to reach into my pocket and pull out some money ‘. He gave me a blank look, so I asked if he understood what I was saying. He said ‘ yes, it’s that you miss your independence ‘.  I said ‘ no, it’s not that’.  He said ‘ ahh it’s that you want to go’.  I said ‘ no, it’s that I can’t reach into my pockets because without being able to move, I can’t access any pockets in my trousers, as in I literally can’t ‘.

He still looked totally blank though.

I think that’s half the issue with interaction with ‘ normal ‘ people- they just ( in a completely innocent way ) don’t get it at all.

3 thoughts on “The challenge – sometimes.

  1. I don’t agree Russ. It has nothing to do with being “normal” or able. I think it is a lack of empathising with others. Some people are just not able to put themselves in that position. Some people are just not capable, and maybe you can argue the point if that is not a disability 😉

    I’m glad you are keeping your blog going. I never really posted anything on your blog but I do read it. You give strength to a lot of people, especially with your open, and direct approach. Don’t underestimate your powers…

    Merry Christmas Russ 🙂

    1. I don’t agree with you in a nice way, Until you are in that position which I was before My Husband died you haven’t the slightest idea what other people are going through. I was in my own little world and did not give a thought or care if I am being honest to what it was like for people to be in a wheelchair, disabled or being a full time carer I did not get it at all. I do now, I learnt the hard way over 18 months. Love Margaret x x x

  2. I know that people don’t understand. They don’t get it. Before my Husband became ill and was dependant on me I hadn’t the slightest idea before that what people were going through I didn’t get it. I would see people in wheelchairs and not give them a second thought. I used to get quite annoyed when they used to take some time getting on and off of a bus. I remember I was on a bus once and two people were talking and one woman said that her Husband hadn’t been able to get out of bed for well over a year. I remember thinking to myself “How Awful” but by the time I got off at the next stop I had forgotten all about her. I went back to my safe little world where nothing was going to happen. Love to you Margaret x x x

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