The Book of G…

When I saw Rhod Gilbert ( comedian ) with Roy and Caroline the other night, my carer G came with me. The show was entitled The Book of John, and was basically about the all the daft ( albeit unintentional ) wisdom spouted by his driver, John.

As I watched it, I thought a lot about the parallels between John and G, my carer, who is absolutely lovely but also not necessarily always… er… factually correct about things.

This morning for example she said ‘ the wind has got really strong, hasn’t it?’ I said something and then she added ‘ that’s because of all the new leaves on the trees’

I said ‘ what do you mean, it’s cos of all the new leaves?’

She said ‘ well the leaves make the wind stronger. because of all the movement of the branches and leaves ‘

I said ‘ I’m pretty sure that’s not how wind gets stronger ‘

G said ‘ you don’t know much, do you! The leaves act like propellers and make the wind stronger. Everyone knows that! ‘

Me – ‘ wind is caused by the flow of air from high pressure areas to low pressure areas, and anything in the way gets blown around, but doesn’t make the wind stronger ‘

She said ‘ no, you aren’t right’

I said, laughing ‘ I think I am… are you saying then that if everyone hangs out their sheets to dry, it gets really windy, as the sheets flap and accelerate the wind?’

At that point I think G began to doubt her own just prior absolute conviction that she was a semi professional meteorologist….

Blimey, she does genuinely make me laugh, bless her.

2 thoughts on “The Book of G…

  1. Hey Boss, did you forget to mention the Iq test there was only a 3% difference between you and I. You are more than a decade older than me. Even after half a century you didn’t know chickens lay eggs even is the havent had intercourse with the rooster. Lol I guess you think your are a rooster

    1. I’m pretty sure that IQ doesn’t increase with age… but what do I know, right?!
      Rooster Russter.

      PS getting better at spelling might though….. 🙂
      There’s hope for you yet…

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