The Bogeyman.

I have quite a lot of nightmares about ‘ things that move in the night’  – you know, like when you’re a kid, and the evil thing is creeping around the room.

In my dreams, it’s lurking close to me, waiting to get me, and I’m paralysed and can do little about it. Just now, in my dream, I was able to punch out at this thing breathing next to me. I woke up to find the glass on the table knocked off and  my sheets all wet.

I couldn’t of course feel the sheets were wet until I felt down with my hands to try to move my legs which were spasming because they were soaked in cold water.

I can press the call bell here to alert the nurse to come and change the sheet.   How I will fare in the same situation, having been moved to Chiswick, is a whole different thing.

Yes, I can wait til the carers arrive 8 hours later, I suppose.

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