That worked…

Eight hours at a party, surrounded by alcohol, continually offered it, and I failed…

Well, I had ONE drink, after about 6 hours – only because I hadn’t tasted rhubarb gin and tonic before.

The not drinking was easy, it was when everyone started dancing that I made my excuses and left – I miss that more than the drinking.

Thanks to Jane and Simon, to Kate, to Jo and Gary, but most of all to Sophie for inviting me. I blogged about this girl ages ago. She’s 16 and incredibly talented. Looks like I was right then – next Sunday she plays at Glastonbury ( BBC talent stage, BBC red button, on at 3.30 for 45 minutes), and then leaves for record signing deals in LA.. ¬†Along with everyone else that knows her, I feel very proud.

Look out for SODY – remember where you heard it first!


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