That Monique … She’s smart.

Some men are born to courage Russ- you are one whether you chose this course or not. 

One time there was a man riding his bike who was hit by a semi In front of me and I tried to save him. I believe I told you this story. There were some amazing lessons for me in it all. One of those was the anger I felt at the time with all of these people standing around just watching. I was yelling for help and they just stood there. Granted it was messy and scary and all the rest but don’t you do everything you can? When I spoke to a psychologist because it really made me cross, she raised my awareness that some people just are not wired to handle these things. They feel bad and are frozen in what to say or how to act. They really do not know what to do or say. So don’t take it personally, it’s not you. I also no longer believe it is a conscious choice for them either. You can choose to reach out to them. Some will be relieved and respond and others will never be able to. Her words helped me to better accept the realities of social psychology. 

You are such a great person. While this accident has taken your legs it has also in my observation made you more aware, more giving, more accepting and more appreciative. At least outwardly. Those are things that will bring people closer not keep them away. 

On 2013-11-03, at 1:30 AM, “Russ” wrote:

Yeah I will, albeit sat down. X

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I know……. You will ski again. I’ll be your biggest fan cheering you on 🙂

On 2013-11-02, at 4:28 PM, “Russ” <> wrote:

I’ve got some incredible skis that I’ll never use again. 

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  1. I bet you will use them again. In January I start training with the Fernie adaptive ski programme.
    If I have to, I will build you a sit ski using your incredible skis – after the basement is converted so you, Dani and the girls and as many helpers as you need will be able to stay a month and get back on snow again.


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