Thanks to Russ and Yola!

Wendy and I went to a party on Saturday. It was fancy dress. I think you are a bit restricted in a chair by what you can even get on so really ( a Dalek is possibly best ) it was just the top half of me that was a Roman centurion. I had a helmet and a sword too. Wendy was a saucy schoolgirl- you know that look I’m sure- think Britney Spears. As Wendy doesn’t look much older than a Sixth Former she definitely carries it off…

Yola and Russ were great hosts, and a load of Polish girls were very intent on swinging me around the dance floor in my chair, which was dangerous but funny. There was a prize for the best costume/ dance Combi, and I was given it – I’m sure I got the Sympathy Vote, but hey I’m ok with that.
I saw a couple of old friends there. The chap was friendly enough, but his wife really really not so, blanking me all night. I’ve known this woman for 25 years. I am godfather to her first child. She has been on the receiving end of my hospitality for most of that time in her many visits to London, and it’s also extremely fair to say that if it were not for me and a phone call that I made, she would have lost her home some years ago.
What do I think about her attitude to me? Well it’s sad isn’t it, that someone can act that way to someone that has been such a positive in her life for so long. It doesn’t make me at all angry or anything, it’s simply sad. Some people use other people and don’t give back, and are fair weather friends only.
If this woman ( let’s call her Emma Aldous Fountain- well that is her name after all ) asked me now for a favour I’d probably do her one, as I’m just not a negative sort, but you can certainly say that she probably doesn’t deserve anything more from me.
When I think about her actually, she did move from Cape Town to Hereford to be close to her 2 parents ( who were living apart in the same town ) and then managed to fall out with both of them, not speaking to either for 3 years… so really I suppose she would think nothing of not smiling at me.
It was a relief though to hear Wendy actually say something negative about someone, as I’d not before ( such a positive and generous soul ) but she really did about ‘ Emma’ for her extraordinary rudeness at close quarters.
I’m sure she doesn’t read this diary, so my words aren’t designed to be read by her – it’s simply a thing that happens to have happened on Saturday. I do think that whatever opinion someone might have of me, you do have surely to factor in the ‘ poor bugger – he’s had a fair bit of bad luck these last 5 years so I’ll give him a break’ … but obviously not applicable to Emma’s thought process.

Never mind.

Great party though regardless!

4 thoughts on “Thanks to Russ and Yola!

  1. I remember when Philip first died people that I knew used to cross the street so they didn’t have to talk to me. If I see them now I just look the other way and ignore them,. You are a better person than that sad woman that ignored you. B***s to her is what I say.

  2. Dawky, this South African Bitch lacks social skills, sensitivity, tact & decency. A low form of Homo Sapiens.

    By the way, let’s see photos of your chick, Wendy, dressed as Britney etc.

  3. Russ you look like a young school boy yourself. Glad you had a fab time,and bollards to that very sad woman. Xx💙💋💋💋💋💋lv you.

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