Thanks Mum

Thanks Mum for updating.
Today I’m seriously tired. Not sure why. Have had a lot of visitors though
And physio, and an assessment by the neurologist.
He describes my ‘ journey ‘ to wherever I finally get to physically as 20% there   So  I’m still warming up really..
They’ve just given me a baguette with horseradish on it. God I detest that stuff. Had to spit it out!  Replaced with a chicken sandwich 🙂
Had more presents today including a fart machine….. And a penis water pistol.
It’s great that people take my intellect seriously ..

Both eating and sleeping are getting easier for me I’m happy to say. 7 hours last night more or less non stop. It’s a relief I can tell you. 2 hours then awake is really not great

Been thinking ahead to driving. I’ll finally have to have a decent car. The 10 yr old Yaris will have to go I think. App it’s easy to convert cars to hand controls, which is a help.
Maybe I’ll get a Mustang from my Bruv?

Gotta sleep now.
Thanks for being out there for me.


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