Thanks for coming.

Fantastic to see my old Uni mate, Melanie, today. 

27 years later she looks exactly the same!
Me… Well, gone is the string vest and the mullet haircut, add in an aluminium  wheelchair and Hey Presto… virtually unrecognisable probably. 
We had a laugh though. 
To think, if I’d not crashed, I’d never have seen her again. 
See, it’s not all bad… 
And thanks to Ina for coming and filling me in on work stuff, plus offering to help me make the transition to getting back to work and figuring out just how I’ll do my job from the confines of a wheelchair. 
So very generous of her to give up her future spare time to help me. 
Trust me, having someone competent and thoughtful plus lateral thinking enough is a real comfort. 
Star girl!

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