Thanks CW :)

Russ ,

Sounds as though you’re having a really special time with the family. Must be hard seeing people do what you’ve always loved. Bret and I have only tasted an iota of what you’re going through….ie being in a ski resort and not being able to ski through a disability. You can always make yourself think of and express positives about any situation ie “Well at least…..”, or “It could have been worse if……blah blah blah” especially for those around you to help them feel OK about having a good time without feeling guilty, but it still bloody sucks. There must be such a roller-coaster of emotions going through your mind, but I know you’ll come back an even stronger person as a result. I’m in so much awe of Dani for never doubting that this trip should go ahead. Just soak up all the amazing stuff going on, but remember it’s only natural for you to have those tugging feelings of sadness and better to work though them than be in denial. You know as well as everyone who knows you that you’ll master the sit down skiing whether it’s on this trip or the next and the best thing about you, when you’re ready, you’ll take it on like there’s no tomorrow and I’m sure you’ll love it just as much, if not more! Hang in there Honey and have the most AMAZING Christmas with that crazy family of yours. Love to them all and I look forward to meeting Al and family one day.

Mwah! CW xxxx

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