Thanks to Ilona for rescuing me from a lonely night in with my own company – bad combination of just me, myself and I.

I really don’t do well when I’m alone.

Now it’s 2.30 am and only the bloody spasms to keep me awake.

3 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. You could get a cat – the little devils are very good at keeping you awake at night, especially if their food bowls are empty. And if you get more than one, they will amuse you at 3am by fighting noisily.
    As it happens, I have a couple of cats who do exactly those things. Can I bring them round?

    1. We now have a cat…. so yes I know how annoying they can be at night.

      And it’s worse when you can’t move to get the bloody thing out from under your bed.

      1. Just wait until the little sod brings in a live snack and tortures it under your bed. I have no idea why I give the little devils houseroom. 🙂

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